Monday, August 24, 2015

Freebies by mail - How to get free products and coupons by mail that are even better than printable coupons

Saving money on groceries is one of the biggest challenges that many moms face.  Most of us are on a tight budget whether we are trying to get debt free, trying to save for a large purchase, or just trying to make ends meet with our debt to income.  One way that I have saved on groceries is by emailing companies and complimenting them on various products that I use in my home.  Being a a family of four with a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, we use a huge range of products.  

I have e-mailed companies in the past and have had a great response.  It has been about 2 years though so I decided to do this again.  This time I am going to e-mail the companies, and my sidekick is going to physically write the same companies letters via snail mail. I am curious whether companies favor written letters more than they do e-mails.  

I sent King's Hawaiian an e-mail last week and complimented them on their Hawaiian sweet rolls.  I told them how much my kids and I love their sweet rolls and asked them to put me on their mailing list if they have one.  

They sent me a wonderful package in the mail within 4 days sent from Fed Ex.  It contained 2 coupons each for a free pack of King Hawaiian rolls. I also received a pack of King's Hawaiian rolls, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and a reusable grocery tote with King's Hawaiian Share the Hawaiian Way written on it.  

King's Hawaiian blew me out of the park with their generosity.  I have always loved Hawaiian bread, but I love it even more now! I am curious how my sidekick does when she mails them a hand-written letter.  

Hopefully I receive more coupons and freebies in the mail from more companies soon!  This alone is a more than a $10 value just for simply e-mailing them and telling them how much I like their products.

-Money Saving Mommy