Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wholesome Baby Food: Benefits of grinding your own food

Wholesome Baby Food: Benefits of grinding your own food

As your child enters the stage of eating food, it's rather a major milestone. Seeing most of these developmental milestones could be thrilling for dad and mom. Paying attention to everything baby accomplishes is definitely an important section of parenting. From first actions to first terms to eating solid meals, baby will undergo many wonderful adjustments, as they age. Although there is time and energy to create great wholesome baby food, there are numerous things to consider keeping in mind.

Infant food is vital to your baby's nutrition. Making certain to feed her the proper foods with the proper nutritional content can be an important section of the parenting procedure. Many parents would rather prepare food for infants themselves utilizing a baby meals grinder. There are numerous benefits to producing for you personally. One obvious benefit may be the ability to be familiar with all components of the meals you'll be providing your child. Although most prepared baby foods must meet security and nutritional recommendations, there can be dangerous preservatives in the meals that can be within supermarkets.

It is suggested that only organic components be utilized in preparing infant food items. Avoiding foods containing poisons can be much better for baby's health and wellness. Baby food grinders ensure it is simple to use only the very best ingredients for the baby. Steamed veggies, lean cuts of meats, and organic fruits will be the best ingredients to utilize for your baby. Utilizing a baby meals grinder makes it simple to get ready the healthiest food items for the child. For mother and father that value their baby's well being and are willing to spend some time preparing food, this is often a great way to help keep baby healthful. From steamed vegetables to pureed fruit, homemade child food may be the healthiest option for the bundle of joy.

Finally, when you need to store your freshly grinded homemade baby food, look no further than the amazing pouches made by LittleHands Reusable Food Pouch

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Food Containers for Baby

                                                        Food Containers for Baby

A baby's capability to consume baby food items and his maturity degree will play a significant role in determining whether he is prepared to become weaned or not.

Generally, babies could be given food from the age of half a year onwards. Even though the weaning process will start within that 6 months, mothers can continue to exclusively breastfeed right up until their infants are not content with mere breast milk.

Young parents could make their very own baby food hygienically in the home and serve it inside a vibrant baby food container. As an initial step, they can look for easy to clear containers of the proper size which can be stored within their refrigerator.

Foods like mashed veggies such as for example carrots and beans could be stored or even preserved in a meals container or pouch until it's time to feed the baby. Various kinds of foods may also be blended and frozen such items before next meal. Making meals for your child in the home is hygienic, economical and simple. While meals for toddlers bought at the shop are bland and chilly, those prepared in the home are far exceptional in taste and taste. Parents should continue steadily to bring in different types of soft foods with their infants until they discover the ones their infants like the almost all. The same ought to be stored in top quality food containers of varied sizes in order to prevent contamination.

The meals storage containers on the market come in a variety of colors and sizes. A number of them are transportable, freezable and stackable even. These containers are made from top quality materials and keep carefully the homemade baby meals new and tasty for an extended period of time. The containers are usually dishwasher and microwave secure and include secure locking lids. The infant food containers are of help for transporting or storing method, milk, homemade foods for infants. Mom and dad may also be certain of food portion sizes since a few of these containers include ounce markings.

When you need to store your homemade organic baby food, in an amazing container that has portability, consider a food pouch. Look no further than the amazing pouches made by Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch. They are bright orange, reusable, and even freezer safe!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preventing Baby Food Stains

                                         Ever wonder how to prevent baby food stains??????

Very first, begin by consistently employing a bib. A baby bib will help to protect your baby's clothes from the baby food. Quite often it truly is simpler to avoid a stain from taking place, than trying to remove the stain later on. You may also provide your child smaller bites. This will assist in removing excess meals spilling out of their own mouth.

Should your baby's clothes become stained from the baby food, there are some quick and easy actions you can take to get rid of the particular stains. It is essential that you never iron or dried out the clothes in the dryer just before stain is totally eliminated. In any other case heat from your iron and dryer will the make the stain in to the clothes permanent.

Quite often liquid soap shall assist in removing the meals stains. Put the detergent on the particular stain and let it set. The worse the stain is obviously, the longer you will need to keep the detergent on. Following a soap has arranged a while around the stain, rub the particular detergent into the stain. Afterwards, rinse the particular garment completely. When the stain is totally gone, you are able to wash it such as normal after that.

Hydrogen peroxide and drinking water could be mixed together in order to greatly help eliminate baby meals stains. Try mixing 50% percent drinking water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. Squirt the mixture on the stain and let it for about 30 minutes. You could then rinse the stain with 50% drinking water and 50% white vinegar. Once the garment is totally rinsed, you can then wash as normal.

Baby meals stains usually do not mean that you need to toss your baby's clothes out. There are a number of different techniques you can do to steer clear of the discolorations. Nevertheless, it is a lot easier to prevent baby food stains from happening in the first place. Little HandsReusable Food Pouch is a company that specializes in providing pouches for homemade baby food. Wholesome homemade baby food is a healthy and natural alternative to retail ones. The reusable food pouch dispenses the baby food through the suckleable spout, preventing mess associated with spoon feeding. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby food pouches: Are they truly harmless?

Baby food pouches: Are they truly harmless?

Baby food pouches are the new rant and rave with moms of babies and toddlers. Pouches make it simple for babies to eat on the go since they are quick and really convenient.  Should they be the new fad that all parents have, or do they eventually add to tooth and feeding problems?

Super convenient
Baby food pouches are made by many companies and are often filled with organic baby food recipes, which babies can suck out through the opening, much like they could a drink through a straw. They are handier than a jar of food that needs to be spoon-fed, and they can help teach a baby to feed herself.

Besides pre-filled pouches, there are also companies selling reusable baby food pouches.  Parents purchase the reusable food pouches and then fill them with their own wholesome baby food.  Purchasing and reusing the pouches helps parents save a ton of money compared to purchasing disposable pouches.  You can pack up a few pouches filled with homemade baby food for your babies or applesauce for your toddler and go out for the day without worrying about how to pack spoons.

What’s the worry?

However, some worry that baby food pouches will be overused, much like juice can be. We spoke with Deborah Michael, mom of five and pediatric occupational therapist, who is the founder of North Shore Pediatric Therapy, and Meghan Grant, mother of two, who is a pediatric speech therapist. They said that like many of the decisions we as parents make for our kids, moderation is key. “A recent statement from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry warns parents of the possible side effects to prolonged usage of baby food pouches,” Grant explained. “They compare the squeeze pouches to that of giving babies juice in sippy cups and bottles, and indicate that tooth decay may develop if babies are given frequent access to the pouches.”

Although there’s no proven connection, people worry about baby food pouches because they are said to possibly lead to a breakdown of tooth enamel if the child’s teeth are not brushed twice a day. Whether you decide to offer your child baby food pouches or not, brush her teeth at least two times daily, and aim to restrict fruit juice consumption.

Developmental and social issues

The method of the baby eating baby food from a pouch is comparable to drinking from a straw. Does a baby benefit from spoon-feeding as opposed to sucking pureed food from a baby food pouch? “Feeding your child from a spoon not only contributes to functional oral motor development, but increases the social aspects of mealtimes,” said Michael. “Parents are able to connect with their children during meals, and if children are allowed access to constant drinking from the pouches, they are missing out on opportunities to practice developmental feeding skills when fed via spoon.”

The bottom line

Parents should not steer clear of baby food pouches, but limiting their use is still a good idea. Make sure to brush your child’s teeth at least two times daily and sustain parent-child contact such as eye contact and talking during meals as often as you can. Keep in mind that independent feeding is the main target and baby food pouches can work in your baby’s favor. Baby food pouches don’t always have to be fed straight from the pouch; you can actually squeeze the food out into a bowl for spoon-feeding. Being fed from a spoon helps your baby develop correct swallowing techniques, Modern parents have tons of options for feeding their babies, and baby food pouches seem to be the most convenient

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to save money on wholesome baby food by using reusable food pouches

How to Save Money on wholesome baby food by Using Reusable Food Pouches
Saving money is one of the hardest jobs most mothers face.  Every mother has her own method of saving money when it comes to clothing, toiletries, and even groceries. Although this isn’t a long article, it does have a very simple solution to saving money on groceries and getting your children to eat healthy at the same time! Seriously the hardest part of this is just making sure you have a set of reusable food pouches pre-filled and ready to go for snack time!

1. Stop buying the throw away pouches – Throw away pouches are so expensive yet so convenient when you are in a grocery store with a hungry, whiney child.  They can range from anywhere between $.99 per pouch to almost $3 a pouch. And they are just incredibly too small.
2. Buy yourself a set of reusable food pouches - They’ll pay for themselves after a few weeks. The Little Hands Reusable FoodPouches cost only $14.99 for a 4 pack on Amazon, and they hold up to 7oz of pureed food which is even enough puree for my 3 year old.
3. Buy a big jar of applesauce – Since you’re saving so much money by not buying a ton of throw away pouches, you can probably afford to purchase the high end organic apple sauce.  If you want to save as much money as possible, just purchase the huge store brand jar of apple sauce.
4. Pre-fill your reusable food pouches with your jarred applesauce – You can add some cinnamon for good flavor or add some mashed banana for a combo. There are a million different things you can do!
5. Store in the fridge and serve at snack time – Having a snack ready as soon as your children are hungry makes you a hero in your kids’ eyes!

6. REPEAT – except step 2. You’ll just wash and reuse!

Friday, October 17, 2014

3 tips on giving the best Christmas gifts this year without breaking the bank!

            Give the best Christmas gifts this year without breaking your budget!

Can you believe that it's the middle of October already?  We only have a little over 2 months left, and Christmas will be here!  

I have always loved Christmas!  I love the snow, the Christmas parties, the family time, and I have always especially loved giving presents to my family and seeing their face on Christmas morning.

As we all know, Christmas time is the busiest shopping season of the year because everyone wants to find the perfect gift for everyone!  It seems like society has drilled in our minds that the more expensive the gift, the better it is.  I do not believe this to be true at all.  

I have started my Christmas shopping already, and I plan on being completely done before black Friday.  If you get your shopping done early, you will save money alone just on shipping costs.  On top of that, I guarantee your thanksgiving, your Christmas, and your after Christmas months will be a lot less stressful.  Can you imagine it being a week after Christmas, and actually not being stressed about money because you spent it all on Christmas gifts?

These 3 tips will help you save a ton if you are willing to start on your Christmas shopping now.
  1. UTILIZE FREE OFFERS - Many people don't know about the different photo freebie gifts that you can get through Shutterfly and artscow at different times of the year.  People love photo gifts!  They are a great way to give a personalized, useful gift that people can cherish and look back on as a memory. is a great site to look at for freebie deals.  Real examples are listed below:
    1. Canvas People is currently offering up a FREE 11×14 Photo Canvas (a $69.99 value!) – just pay $18.95 for shipping! 
    2. Through October 20th, Shutterfly is offering up 10 FREE Personalized Greeting Cards for new and existing customers when you enter the promo code GREETINGS at checkout!  10 5×7 cards shipping cost was $5.99.
    3. If you’re a Kellogg’s Family Rewards Member (not yet a member?! Sign up here for FREE!), check your Inbox for a possible email containing a code valid for 101 FREE 4×6 Photo Prints from Shutterfly. Shipping for 99 photos was $5.99
  2. BUY GIFTS FROM FUNDRAISERS -  There are always children selling items through out the year for their schools.  My child's school has a fundraiser with Scholastic. Every time I buy a book from Scholastic using his teachers code,  the teacher gets a certain amount of points to use towards earning free books for the classroom.  Scholastic also has a lot of good deals on their books, and books are an awesome gift for children of any age! Save money, get an awesome gift, and help your school at the same time.  Many small businesses also offer fundraisers for schools.  Little Hands Reusable Food Pouches has a great fundraiser this year.  They are for sale at Desoto County Academy for $10 for a 10-pack.  $3 from every sale is donated to the teachers for school supplies.  The little hands reusable food pouches are a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, daycare providers, and even for the children themselves.  I love helping my child's school while also having another Christmas gift marked off the list.
  3. AFTER HALLOWEEN CLEARANCE - A week or two after Halloween, most targets have all of their Halloween items 90% off! This is the perfect time for getting children ages 3-10 some fun and inexpensive Christmas gifts.  Children absolutely love to dress up and use their imagination all year long.  My son is 3 and is crazy about every super hero and the ninja turtles this year. I plan on getting costumes for approximately $1-2 a piece and putting them in a reusable tote so that he can have a little treasure chest for Christmas.  I plan on getting my daughter princess costumes, ladybug costumes, etc.  Don't forget the accessories either! Kids love masks, gloves, and dress up shoes.
Try these 3 tips and see how much money you can save this Christmas!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Healthy breakfast idea: Your child can now eat oatmeal in the car completely mess-free

Breakfast is a very important meal for everyone especially children. A nutritious breakfast fuels kids up and gets them ready for the day.
Although making breakfast is probably the last thing on our minds when we parents are running around the house trying to get everyone ready, it is important that we stop and do it.  
In general, toddlers and kids who eat breakfast have a lot more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, kids can get irritable, restless, and tired and probably will not do as well in school or daycare as they would have if they had simply eaten breakfast. 
Making children waffles, bacon, eggs, and orange juice is pretty much out of the question for many of us most days out of the week but there are still other choices.  One in particular is oatmeal. My children love oatmeal, and I love it because it's healthy!  
But have you ever let your child eat oatmeal in the backseat of the car on the way to school? I doubt you have especially if your children are between the ages of 2 and 5.  The mess alone would probably not be worth it for you!

Fortunately, your child can now eat oatmeal in the car completely mess free by pouring the oatmeal into a reusable food pouch such as the Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch.
The reusable food pouches are awesome because you can fill them with what ever pureed food you wish.  Since the food pouches should not be microwaved themselves, you simply cook the oatmeal like you normally would.  Once the oatmeal is done, pour the oatmeal into the reusable food pouch and give it to your child.  Your child will then be able to eat the oatmeal from the spout on the side of the pouch which will prevent them from making a mess while eating.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wholesome baby food - Make your own plum organics and save money!

Parents want their babies and children to eat as healthy as possible. Unfortunately it's becoming harder to do because of the increases in food prices and the decrease in amount of time parents have in the day.  Handing a child chips is a lot easier than having to physically make something nutritious when a parent is short on time and already running late.  It's also easier to give a child a cereal bar instead of yogurt or oatmeal in the morning because they can feed themselves the cereal bar and not make such a mess!

Plum Organics, Beachnut, and Gerber figured this out and created baby food pouches. These are awesome and perfect for busy families who want to make sure that their children eat healthy!  The downside to these are the price.  
  • A single plum organics baby food pouch costs $1.39.  
  • A beachnut baby food pouch costs $1.00 at walmart.  
  • Jars of baby food cost anywhere between .74-1.51 per jar so they are close to the same price.  Although this doesn't sound expensive, it adds up quickly.  
  • Most parents will feed their children at least 2 jars of baby food at each meal so that's an average of 6.72 a day on just those 3 meals. 
  • Snacks will easily up that to at least $8.00 a day so that's $56.00 a week on the low side just for baby food.  

Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch

Reusable baby food pouches such as Little Hands Reusable Food Pouches are perfect for feeding babies, toddlers, and children wholesome homemade baby food and save you money compared to the store bought baby food.  You can puree what ever foods your child enjoys such as fruits, vegetables, or oatmeal and pour it straight into the food pouch.  You can either freeze for later or give it to your child to eat immediately. The great thing is that the food pouches are reusable, bpa free, and phosphate free. After the child is done eating, simply wash the food pouch and reuse.

Ethan and Adrianna love the Little Hands reusable food pouch.  They enjoy eating applesauce, yogurt, and even oatmeal out them.  I love them because they save me money and they are not messy at all.  Now I let them eat as much yogurt as they want!