Friday, October 17, 2014

3 tips on giving the best Christmas gifts this year without breaking the bank!

            Give the best Christmas gifts this year without breaking your budget!

Can you believe that it's the middle of October already?  We only have a little over 2 months left, and Christmas will be here!  

I have always loved Christmas!  I love the snow, the Christmas parties, the family time, and I have always especially loved giving presents to my family and seeing their face on Christmas morning.

As we all know, Christmas time is the busiest shopping season of the year because everyone wants to find the perfect gift for everyone!  It seems like society has drilled in our minds that the more expensive the gift, the better it is.  I do not believe this to be true at all.  

I have started my Christmas shopping already, and I plan on being completely done before black Friday.  If you get your shopping done early, you will save money alone just on shipping costs.  On top of that, I guarantee your thanksgiving, your Christmas, and your after Christmas months will be a lot less stressful.  Can you imagine it being a week after Christmas, and actually not being stressed about money because you spent it all on Christmas gifts?

These 3 tips will help you save a ton if you are willing to start on your Christmas shopping now.
  1. UTILIZE FREE OFFERS - Many people don't know about the different photo freebie gifts that you can get through Shutterfly and artscow at different times of the year.  People love photo gifts!  They are a great way to give a personalized, useful gift that people can cherish and look back on as a memory. is a great site to look at for freebie deals.  Real examples are listed below:
    1. Canvas People is currently offering up a FREE 11×14 Photo Canvas (a $69.99 value!) – just pay $18.95 for shipping! 
    2. Through October 20th, Shutterfly is offering up 10 FREE Personalized Greeting Cards for new and existing customers when you enter the promo code GREETINGS at checkout!  10 5×7 cards shipping cost was $5.99.
    3. If you’re a Kellogg’s Family Rewards Member (not yet a member?! Sign up here for FREE!), check your Inbox for a possible email containing a code valid for 101 FREE 4×6 Photo Prints from Shutterfly. Shipping for 99 photos was $5.99
  2. BUY GIFTS FROM FUNDRAISERS -  There are always children selling items through out the year for their schools.  My child's school has a fundraiser with Scholastic. Every time I buy a book from Scholastic using his teachers code,  the teacher gets a certain amount of points to use towards earning free books for the classroom.  Scholastic also has a lot of good deals on their books, and books are an awesome gift for children of any age! Save money, get an awesome gift, and help your school at the same time.  Many small businesses also offer fundraisers for schools.  Little Hands Reusable Food Pouches has a great fundraiser this year.  They are for sale at Desoto County Academy for $10 for a 10-pack.  $3 from every sale is donated to the teachers for school supplies.  The little hands reusable food pouches are a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, daycare providers, and even for the children themselves.  I love helping my child's school while also having another Christmas gift marked off the list.
  3. AFTER HALLOWEEN CLEARANCE - A week or two after Halloween, most targets have all of their Halloween items 90% off! This is the perfect time for getting children ages 3-10 some fun and inexpensive Christmas gifts.  Children absolutely love to dress up and use their imagination all year long.  My son is 3 and is crazy about every super hero and the ninja turtles this year. I plan on getting costumes for approximately $1-2 a piece and putting them in a reusable tote so that he can have a little treasure chest for Christmas.  I plan on getting my daughter princess costumes, ladybug costumes, etc.  Don't forget the accessories either! Kids love masks, gloves, and dress up shoes.
Try these 3 tips and see how much money you can save this Christmas!

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