Friday, October 24, 2014

How to save money on wholesome baby food by using reusable food pouches

How to Save Money on wholesome baby food by Using Reusable Food Pouches
Saving money is one of the hardest jobs most mothers face.  Every mother has her own method of saving money when it comes to clothing, toiletries, and even groceries. Although this isn’t a long article, it does have a very simple solution to saving money on groceries and getting your children to eat healthy at the same time! Seriously the hardest part of this is just making sure you have a set of reusable food pouches pre-filled and ready to go for snack time!

1. Stop buying the throw away pouches – Throw away pouches are so expensive yet so convenient when you are in a grocery store with a hungry, whiney child.  They can range from anywhere between $.99 per pouch to almost $3 a pouch. And they are just incredibly too small.
2. Buy yourself a set of reusable food pouches - They’ll pay for themselves after a few weeks. The Little Hands Reusable FoodPouches cost only $14.99 for a 4 pack on Amazon, and they hold up to 7oz of pureed food which is even enough puree for my 3 year old.
3. Buy a big jar of applesauce – Since you’re saving so much money by not buying a ton of throw away pouches, you can probably afford to purchase the high end organic apple sauce.  If you want to save as much money as possible, just purchase the huge store brand jar of apple sauce.
4. Pre-fill your reusable food pouches with your jarred applesauce – You can add some cinnamon for good flavor or add some mashed banana for a combo. There are a million different things you can do!
5. Store in the fridge and serve at snack time – Having a snack ready as soon as your children are hungry makes you a hero in your kids’ eyes!

6. REPEAT – except step 2. You’ll just wash and reuse!

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